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Anonymous sent:
Oh god , thank you soooo much for finding that track! It's my most favourite from the entire uraboku ost and i really wanted to listen to it. Thanks again !

Oh no problem!!! I know how it feels to adore an OST~

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My endless list of OTP’s:
        ↳Luka x Yuki [UraBoku]


Here’s a used cosplay (only worn twice) of Ciel Phantomhive’s female dress from Black Butler! It was made from Hello Cosplay and is a Medium size. It includes the dress, hat, neckband, gloves and hat. If you wish to exclude some of the listed items please message me and I will be happy to help :3 

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I am also willing to sell the wig with it as well! The top hair piece is in good condition, however the pigtails are a bit messed up. Wig cap included. If you would like to include just the top piece or the whole set please message me. Total this offer would be 164$ from the retail website, but I’m willing to sell the entire set for only 80$!!

Sorry this isn’t related to the blog’s theme but I thought I’d share since this is anime :3

Anonymous sent:
Hello! I want to ask you something concerning the soundtrack of the Uraboku anime. There's this track that plays during the way-too-sad moments and it's a piano-violin track. I remember that it started playing during the scene between Kuroto and Yuki in episode 20 but i can't find it. Can you please help me?

A bit harder to find than I thought but Tara! \(^o^)/ http://youtu.be/0vN6qGhgEq0


Should I make a twitter for you guys to follow? :o

Hey guuuuuys! I love tricking out our blog so now I’ve added music!! I’ve included the openings and character songs so have fun! :D