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Anonymous sent:
Haii ;) you know when reiga asked luze if he has anyone who believes in him & he said yes.......who do you think he was referring to ??????? Thank you ☺️ Bye!

The current forces Reiga has doubt his intentions. They think he has softened up and is abandoning his goals. I believe that is what he was referring to :3

Anonymous sent:
(As a grand fan) I would like to say MAKE IT SPICE. A simple live story is too plain for someone like me (no offense intended...!) Okay, anon, out!!

Oh dear~ someone wants fanservice ;D


No one really responds when I ask this question T^T The next chapter of the fan fiction is most likely going to be a physical romance chapter, but I don’t know how far you would like me to take it. Should it be a simple love thing or should I make it a spicy story? I’m fine with either but I would like to know your opinion on what you think would be appropriate for the couple.

And the romance begins between Luka and Yuuzuki~ This is a continuation of a fanfiction written by Darkest-Symphony from Tumblr.

Read her first chapter here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10446988/1/King-and-Queen

Ch. 2: http://mila137.deviantart.com/art/King-and-Queen-Ch-2-467424154

Ch. 3: http://mila137.deviantart.com/art/King-and-Queen-Ch-3-470778313

Uraboku belongs to Hotaru Odagiri

Story belongs to Mila137

darkest-symphony sent:
Hey, Darkest Symphony here! This was a lovely chapter and I love that you introduced Asagi, because he's usually left out in light of the major ships in the story. There's so much of suspense and worry and tension and I was worrying when Luka would show up and kill him, so you handled the stress Yuki felt really well. Please keep writing; it's intense, raw and really pure and we'd all love to read more. More people will get into this once you put up a few more chapters.

Y-your words are too kind!!! After all it was you who started all of this!! ^_^

With the help of Gozita444 on DeviantArt, I gained the confidence to write a sequel to my Uraboku fanfiction :3 I began this as a continuation of a fanfiction written by Darkest-Symphony on Tumblr.

Read Ch.1 which is the Darkest-Symphony here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10446988/1/King-and-Queen

Read Ch.2 here http://mila137.deviantart.com/art/King-and-Queen-Ch-2-467424154

Uraboku belongs to Hotaru Odagiri

So I found this cosplay of Yuki and I think it is the cutest thing ever! However I found it on Google Image Search so I don’t know who the cosplayer is! D:

Anonymous sent:
I remember you told that Yuki doesn't have white hair........but i want to see how Yuki looks in white hair...............💛

Look at some manga pages, it almost looks like he does!

mywinterfireflies sent:
Congrats on 1,005 followers.🎉Im happy for you. You defiantly deserve it.👏 I hope you get more & more & more followers in the future #LoveThisBlog #LoveYouToo 🙈💕☺️😘❤️

Oh wow you made it all cute with emotes~ you are too nice! Thank you! (・ω・)ノ *\(^o^)/*

You know it took me longer than expected, but I’m glad to say we have 1,005 followers of this blog~ I hope you guys know just how thankful I am for all of you and how we’ve come together to help each other~